Decompressive Fascial Release

Cupping is an alternative therapy that has been used across many cultures for thousands of years. Though there are many types of cupping, dry cupping is commonly used in conjunction with massage therapy. Cups are placed on the area to be treated and suction is applied. The cups are either left stationary for approximately 5 minutes, or they are glided over the skin in a process known as dynamic cupping. Red circular marks may appear on the skin where there is stagnancy and can take anywhere from hours to two weeks to disappear which is part of the healing process.

In massage therapy, cupping decompresses the soft tissue promoting fascial release and improved circulation. This may help to decrease pain and increase blood flow to the area being treated allowing for deeper treatment to take place.

Cupping Therapy

This specific treatment is used as an adjunct therapy to the massage techniques used by Tamara Monaghan