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Initial Visits


When you come for your initial visit with us, we will have you fill out a brief medical history form. Below is the link to this form so you have the option of filling it out in your own time. You are also welcome to come 10mins prior to your appointment and fill one out in the office here. If you have any questions regarding the “Health Intake” form, our online booking procedure or anything else, feel free to email or call us at (519) 883-7225.

On your first visit to the clinic our practitioners will review your intake, perform a physical assessment and communicate with you their findings. This process does take a few minutes and is alotted in your inital visit appointment time.

Click to download PDF: Health Intake Form

We look forward to meeting you!

Our Patients’ Experience

C. Nafziger

“I have always appreciated how the clinic has taken the time to understand my pains and discomforts as it relates to me being a musician – in a way that other health providers couldn’t.”

C. Serez

“As a musician, caregiver and cancer survivor, I feel I have found an amazing team of therapists’ which has helped extend my personal and professional capacity for movement and dexterity.”

K. Mellon

“Guidonian has not only been there for me through all the ups and downs life can bring but has also inspired me to pursue a career in Chiropractic.”

M. Glerum

“From Pilates classes to ongoing massage therapy and chiropractic manipulations, the care is first rate! Can’t say enough good things about the care team at Guidonian!”

J. Prober

“I’m back in the golf course again and ready to try out with the Minnesota Vikings!”

C. Vlajk

“The Guidonian Clinic has been as much a part of my musical journey as practicing and studying music. They are powerful, sensitive teachers and healers that are caring and knowledgeable. I also trust that their knowledge of the body would be of benefit even for non-musicians.”

P. Brooks

“I have been a client at Guidonian for years and I trust them with my health and well being, …  Passionate about their business and their commitment to their clients, I do not hesitate to refer the clinic to my friends and family.”

M. Sharafbafy

“The ultimate professional service with warm and welcoming attitude has been the second to no other. I have had the joy of referring several of my friends and family members who have also turned into a fan of this clinic.”


I have health care insurance coverage, do you bill directly?

Third party insurance claims are managed between patient and insurance company. We will provide you a receipt at each visit for reimbursement if you are covered.

What types of payments do you accept?

Forms of payment include cash, debit and credit.

When is the latest I can cancel my appointment while still receving reimbursement?

We honour a 24-hour cancellation policy.

Where can I access parking?

There are limited driveway parking at the clinic and street parking on Dupont St. E.  that is 2 hour free parking.

Do I have to call to book an appointment?

We strive to make your life easier! For your convenience, you are welcome to call/e-mail or book online yourself to schedule your appointments with us. Don’t hesitate to contact us here if you have an issues with the online booking system. You can access the booking website by clicking here, or at the top menu bar.

How do I make my appointments reoccur weekly or bi-weekly through the booking system?

Through the online booking system, click “Make a Reservation” and select the desired timeframe you would like to have reoccuring appointments. Choose the type of treatment, the day you wish to come and how often (daily, weekly, monthly). Then select “Show Reservation” and a schedule will appear with the available appointments that suit your needs.

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— Robin Sharma