Our Vision

Guidonian Therapy Clinic has been offering exceptional health services to the Kitchener-Waterloo music & arts community since 2007.

The Guidonian Therapy Clinic provides multidisciplinary healthcare where therapists assist in restoring, maintaining and enhancing the well-being of the artistic community.

In the music industry, both amateur and professional musicians are prone to repetitive strain injuries. Their occupational health problems are disorders that develop from playing an instrument, which in turn may interfere with performing on that instrument.

The Guidonian Therapy Clinic was established to improve health care of performing artists through:

Prevention, maintenance and treatment of health and wellbeing to performing artists.

Promoting communications of health-related information between physicians, performers and teachers in the performing arts.

Development of educational programs designed to provide informed and appropriate evidence-based care for performing artists.

The Meaning Behind “Guidonian”

Guido of Arezzo was a monk of the Middle Ages, and considered by some as one of the most notable figures in the history of music. In the 10th century, it was impossible for composers to record their exact musical works in manuscript form. Melodies of sacred chant music had to be memorized, and passed down orally from one monk to monk and one generation to the next.

Guido made innovations of notation and methods of teaching to rectify the inconsistencies that have survived to the present day. His invention The ‘Guidonian hand’, was used in the teaching of music. Although slightly altered, this system of musical notation what we know in present day as the solfege or ‘do-re-mi’ of music.

Meet the Team

Dr. Jay-Jay Weiler

D.C. Chiropractor, Hons BMus

Sara-Lynn Weiler

BMus, RMT Registered Massage Therapist

Tamara Monaghan

RMT Registered Massage Therapist

Karin Schasny

BMus, RMT Registered Massage Therapist, LAE

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