Discover Beautiful Movement – Explore Your Body Map

Does the experience of “proper posture” feel uncomfortable?  Are you experiencing pain or fatigue while practicing your instrument or performing day to day activities? Does your breathing feel limited or restricted?  It may be helpful to explore your body map.

The Body Map

Our body map is our brain’s internal representation of our body.  We build this multi-layered map, largely unconsciously, throughout our lives with the help of our sense of touch and movement. And like any acquired information, our body map can have accuracies and inaccuracies.  This means that our body map may accurately represent our true anatomical structure to our brain, or it may not. Most often it is a mixture of both.

The accuracy of our body map is important because all of our movement is governed by our body map.

If our body map has small inaccuracies, our movement is uncomfortable and limited.  If our body map has large inaccuracies, or inaccuracies in areas we use frequently, then our movement can become awkward, painful and injury-producing.

Defining Body Mapping

Body Mapping is a method of learning to bring the body map into awareness and retraining it to reflect our true anatomical structure.  When we move with awareness of our body’s design, work is distributed more evenly through the body.  With each body part doing only what is required and no more, movement requires less effort, feels natural and looks beautiful.

Coachings are available in different presentation lengths and the course material can be tailored to specific instruments or groups: What Every Pianist, String Player, Wind Player, Singer, Person … etc. Needs to Know About the Body.  Coaching material is covered using images, anatomical models, movement explorations & awareness practices.

These are opportunities to try new movements and concepts with your instrument.