Take home tools to develop and deepen your sense of ease in the movements of daily life.

Monday classes – 7:00pm – 8:15pm, beginning Sept. 23rd
Wednesday classes – 9:30am – 10:45am, beginning Sept. 25th

Cost: $180 / 8-week session

Explore new topics each week: cultivating awareness of our movement and attention, how perception of our anatomy can affect our body use, finding our centre of support, whole system balance and more!

Workshops are available in different presentation lengths and the course material can be tailored to specific instruments or groups: What Every Pianist, String Player, Wind Player, Singer, Person … etc. Needs to Know About the Body.

Workshop material is covered using images, anatomical models, movement explorations & awareness practices. During the Musician Focused Workshops, there are opportunities to try new movements and concepts with your instrument throughout the day and in a master class setting at the end of the workshop.

For more info

kschasny@gmail.com or (519)-883-7225

To learn more about body mapping, click here!

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