Karin connected with the Guidonian Therapy Clinic while completing her Bachelor of Music at Laurier University. After meeting and working with owner Sara-Lynn Weiler, Karin became a Registered Massage Therapist inspired to help musicians heal from injury and learn about their bodies.

Recently, Karin completed her Andover Education Licensing and enjoys teaching Body Mapping at Guidonian, universities and music schools throughout South-Western Ontario.

Karin has studied meditation for six years with Susan Child & Gwen Sears, and continues to develop mind-body awareness and curiosity daily.

Karin is also an active piano teacher and derives energy from teaching movement and awareness in both the clinic and her piano studio.

In all disciplines, Karin teaches people to connect with and care for their bodies from a place of non-judgment; she aspires to create a calm and compassionate space for learning and healing.

Karin is grateful each day for the opportunity to work with others and herself in learning and healing.


Speciality: Massage Therapy, Body Mapping

Education: Wilfrid Laurier University (’05)
College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (’07)
Licensed Andover Educator (’17)